As special members of the family, cute pets often play an important role in the family. Their bond with their master is inseparable. Many people take their pets with them wherever they go. Therefore, they are more concerned about how to give pets a relaxed or simple trip. Baishun International understands the emotions of customers and closely links this emotion with our pet transportation service, so as to better provide services according to customer needs. 

Detailed information

Aerobic chamber instructions:

At present, most domestic aircraft use circulating oxygen, which comes from the cabin, and is pressed down to the belly compartment, and the temperature is similar to that of the cabin; pets are installed at the door of the belly compartment of the aircraft, and the last one boards the plane and the first one gets off the plane. This is the International Air Transport Association IATA regulations. Open the belly bin door, and the pet will be installed at the door.

Preparations for customers’ pets before consignment:

Consult the relevant fees, requirements, precautions, and required services in advance.
Confirm the pet transportation order 1-2 days before the consignment. Door-to-
door service (charges are charged according to the distance) to pick up the pet or send the pet to the designated place
. Give the pet some water when leaving home , eat some food
and prepare cages and quarantine certificates. If there is no time, we can do it on behalf
of the customer. The customer needs to prepare a cage and a piece of textile similar to a towel to put in the cage (the function is to absorb urine). Confirm the order information one day in advance, provided by Baishun International One-stop service, as long as you make a phone call, we will handle other things.